About the Artist

Hi, I'm Maya. I live in a beautiful rural part of the East Coast with my three sweet children, my talented husband, and our oversized lap dog, Harley.

For the past 20 years, I've been practicing as a clinical art therapist, utilizing art as a tool for communication, exploration, growth and healing. I have experienced and been witness to the power of creative expression. We each have a story made up of unique experiences by which we engage with the world. That story is personal and at times so vulnerable that it may not always fit into words. Art, since the beginning of time, has told these stories.

The process of creating is something that feels necessary to me, a life force. This tangible telling of our collective stories is why we are often able to find meaning, value, and connection in creations that reflect our own experiences. When we find what resonates deep within us, we feel it. My hope is that as you look through my changing collections, you find something that becomes meaningful for you.